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For over 8 years, LeadAhead has helped over thousands of businesses grow online through our proprietary technology platform built specifically for small business success. Our technology, driven by trusted advisers providing consistent effort, will drive sustainable growth for your business over time. Ready to start your journey?.

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Offering Digital Marketing Services

We've formed long-term ties with the most advanced brands all around the world.


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the strategic process of enhancing online presence and engagement across various social platforms. By crafting compelling content, leveraging hashtags, and fostering meaningful interactions, SMO aims to boost brand visib

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of enhancing a website visibility on search engines like Google. It involves strategic techniques, like optimizing content, using relevant keywords, and improving site structure, to boost organic (unpaid) traffi

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Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a targeted online marketing strategy where businesses promote their offerings through paid ads on search engine results pages. These ads appear above or alongside organic search results, grabbing user attention when they

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Companies hire us because of the results we provide.

We connect brands to their customers across all digital touch-points with targeted, highly relevant and personalized experiences. We’re audience led, and data-informed!

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We provide competitive prices and have the professional expertise to look after your SEO services & digital marketing needs.



  • 2017 NE8X

  • 2020 MSME

  • 2021 SI


High Positions

Anyone who has ever tried to search for something on Google knows that the higher up on the page the results are, the more likely you are to click on them. We help you get to the top.

Lasting Results

Once you have achieved a good ranking, it is much easier to maintain your position as compared to other marketing channels where you have to constantly invest to stay visible.

Qualified Workers

We pride ourselves on having a qualified and experienced team of specialists. Our team have been in the field for many years and they know exactly how to produce results.

Technology stack

Tech That Excites Us

To construct mobile and web applications the way you desire them, the Defenzelite development team works on a project utilizing only modern and scalable technologies.

Laravel is our core expertise

But we mix different technologies to deliver great results

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Problems We'll Help You Solve

Close IT resourcing gaps

Our primary services are tailored to your company's needs. And, for the most difficult problems, we'll enlist professionals with a background in physics and mathematics to ensure success in situations when software skill alone isn't enough.

Save operations costs

We'll assist you in putting innovative, fresh concepts to the test while sharing the business risk. Therefore, you can save 30% on development costs, get goods and services to market twice as quickly, and boost productivity to increase income.

Adopt digital transformations

With flexible, innovative technologies like Blockchain, Data Science, and Cloud, we can assist you in responding to shifting trends. For flawless service delivery, you may leave your in-house resource to focus on your main business.

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Tomorrow is smarter & harder than today. Is your business ready to handle the situation?

We collaborate with businesses, startups, and startup accelerators. Our approach is highly collaborative, and we begin by considering the long term. Our main areas of expertise are enterprise software and startup development. Our work lays the groundwork for long-term collaborations.


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